Universities and research institutions

Our aim is to encourage young people to develop their own individual talents. Major building blocks for us are the direct networking of science and practical experience, and the encouragement of entrepreneurial thinking.

Josef Umdasch Forschungspreis

Josef Umdasch Research Prize

Since 1990 the Umdasch Group has been supporting outstanding achievements in research and development through the Josef Umdasch Research Prize. The award is named for Josef Umdasch, the father of the present owners Hilde Umdasch and Alfred Umdasch, who founded the prize. For the prize 2019 Doka is looking for innovative approaches to solutions for the "Future Workplace".

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Bildungsprogramm Marokko

Training program Morocco

Every year, 500 technicians from all over West Africa come to Settat for training. Doka Morocco partners this program and provides extensive support in the form of workshops, practical training units and formwork material.

Base Habitat

Sustainable Building

BASEhabitat is a work studio founded by the University of Art and Design Linz. It is concerned about the subject of sustainable building with sustainable materials, especially clay. The member of the UNESCO Chair for Building with Clay offers international training and further training courses, design projects and the building implementation. Doka has supported with formwork material for some years. Now a joint cooperation has been started by the Research & Development department of Doka in order to bring formwork and building with clay even closer together.

General support during education

  • Mentoring of final papers for degrees
  • Traineeships
  • Teaching materials and resources
  • Infotours of the company
  • Special seminars
  • etc.