Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2018

And the winners are...

23.03.2018 | Festive award ceremony for the Josef Umdasch Research Prize

Amstetten/Vienna, 23 March 2018 – Members of the international start-up scene assembled yesterday, on Thursday evening, in the Weltmuseum Wien in Vienna in order to celebrate this year’s winners of the Josef Umdasch Research Prize. Dr. Andreas Ludwig, Spokesman of the Executive Board of Umdasch and entrepreneur Ali Mahlodji guided the audience through the award show.

Dr. Andreas Ludwig commented on the Research Prize: “We awarded this prize for the first time in 1991. The original focus lay on the promotion of wood research and forestry. Over the years, however, technological growth has been so rapid that it has prompted us to give the Josef Umdasch Research Prize, like so many other things, a new emphasis.”

Until recently the prize was directed towards students. In October 2017, however, the ‘Call for Entries’ was addressed to international start-ups. “We therefore entered into a cooperation with a strong partner. With World Summit Awards, or WSA for short, we can reach precisely this target group in order to position our research prize on the international scene”, observed Andreas Ludwig.
The exercise was successful: 135 applications from Nepal, China, Sudan, the United States and elsewhere replied to the invitation.

International Start-up Prize for High-Tech Topics

The Josef Umdasch Research Prize which was advertised in autumn 2017 focused on specific topics proposed by the three companies in the Umdasch Group: Doka, Umdasch Shopfitting and Doka Ventures.
Dr. Andreas Ludwig explained: “In each case the winner can look forward to receiving an order to implement their proposal. The Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2018 is thus not just a spark of light in the form of an award, but it will become an integral part of our business which focuses on new technologies and methods in all areas within our group of companies.”

And the winners are:

Doka | Area of Focus: Learning & Education
Winner: Based on gamification Polycular (Austria) describes a learning journey, that enables to better convey and absorb knowledge and content.

Umdasch Shopfitting | Area of Focus: Business & Commerce
Winner: Jingle (Austria) develops a personal shopping-assistant based on chatbot-technology.

Doka Ventures | Smart Settlement & Urbanisation
Winner: Kewazo from Germany revolutionizes the scaffolding-industry by using robots.

An unexpected pleasure

The contributions in the area ‘Smart Settlement & Urbanization’ in particular impressed the jury to such an extent that they decided on the spur of the moment to present a special prize from the Umdasch Foundation. Thus the entry by Eco Cell Industries from Nepal will also have cause for celebration. The social aspect of the solution they presented was what convinced the members of the jury. Eco Cell Industries was founded in 2015 following the devastating earthquake in Nepal with the aim of contributing to a rebuilding programme that satisfies both ecological and economical criteria.

The winners were determined within the framework of the World Summit Congress (WSA), which was held this week in Vienna City Hall – Details here . The total of eleven start-ups nominated for the Josef Umdasch Research Prize from Germany, Nepal, Spain, the United States, China, Sudan and Austria were required to present their solutions for the topic in question to the jury in a pitch presentation. Deciding on the winners was a truly difficult task. “We were very impressed by the variety, the convincing ideas and the innovative proposals from all the candidates. The quality of the solutions shows me clearly that the New-Tech Generation is not only ready and waiting, but is also ready for action”, observed Spokesman of the Executive Board Andreas Ludwig delightedly.

The cooperation with the WSA was a logical one for the Umdasch Group, “because the WSA has access to precisely those companies which we have not only had our eye on as a target group for the tasks in hand, but also with an view to the sustainability of the entire group: young, ambitious start-ups with unconventional digital ideas and technological innovations.”

The prizes were awarded within the framework of the Umdasch Clubbing evening in the Weltmuseum Wien, during which this year’s winners and the start-up scene were celebrated.

The Josef Umdasch Research Prize

Since 1991 the Umdasch Group has been supporting outstanding achievements in research and development through the Josef Umdasch Research Prize. The award is named for Josef Umdasch, the father of the company’s present owners Hilde Umdasch and Alfred Umdasch, who initiated the prize. Today the prize forms an important part of the Umdasch Foundation, an initiative of the Umdasch Group. One of the company’s aims is to encourage young people. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Umdasch Group, which is being celebrated in 2018, the prize is being offered by all three subsidiary companies together. The competition details can be found under


The World Summit Awards (WSA) are a unique competition system which selects, rewards and interlinks local digital innovation with high added value for society. Through the combination of a continuous series of international events and activities with a global network of start-ups, social entrepreneurs, mentors, jury members, lecturers, experts, government representatives, universities and civic society, WSA is an international platform for innovative ICT applications and their developers. WSA was founded in 2003 as an Austrian initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS), in order to show how people can use information and communications technologies to support and implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2003 WSA has been the seal of quality for social, digital solutions in over 180 participating countries.

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