The Josef Umdasch Research Prize

is dedicated to sustainable ideas in the consumer sector

23.09.2019 | The way in which humankind has managed the economy in past decades presents us with enormous challenges today. In many cases and for understandable reasons, sustainability has been subordinated to growth. We must therefore now dedicate more attention and greater efforts towards the protection of the Earth and its resources, with the aim of ensuring that future generations can live as well as they do today, or in many regions of the world considerably better.

This responsibility also applies to the retail sector. Even more than other sectors it is called upon to ensure future growth while preserving ecological and social interests.

“umdasch thinks further. The question is how we can support the idea of a global economy in line with our entrepreneurial responsibility", says Silvio W. Kirchmair, CEO of umdasch The Store Makers. Within the framework of the Josef Umdasch Research Prize and together with the World Summit Awards, umdasch is therefore searching for new ideas and fresh stimuli. The subject of the current contest is “Responsible Consumption through Digitalisation”. Silvio W. Kirchmair adds: “Altogether we are still making far too little use of the opportunities which digitalisation offers us as a tool for greater efficiency in the way we handle resources. That is why this aspect of the question is very important for us.” And it is the reason why the experts from umdasch Digital Retail are also actively involved in the awarding of the prizes.

SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption & Production
The framework for this year’s call for the Josef Umdasch Research Prize is provided by the 17 development goals of the action plan of the United Nations – the so-called Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short. In particular it is Goal no. 12: “Responsible Consumption & Production” which guided umdasch The Store Makers in the development of the subject of the present competition.

The topics chosen are those in which the retail sector possesses considerable leverage on a global scale: zero waste, multi-use, CO2 reduction, circular economy and last but not least a corresponding development of awareness in producers, retailers and also consumers.

An overview of the Josef Umdasch Research Prize

  • Topic “Responsible Consumption through Digitalisation”“
  • The call for ideas is directed towards start-ups and innovators all over the world
  • The deadline for submission is 10 November 2019
  • The nominees will receive € 5,000 to develop the ideas they have submitted further and to travel to the Pitch Presentation within the framework of the World Summit Awards (WSA) in March 2020, in order to determine the winner
  • In umdasch The Store Makers the winner will gain a business partner with a global network together with the opportunity to implement their excellent idea together.

You will find more information and the opportunity to apply on

Photo Credits: Philipp Benedikt

The nominees present their ideas in front of a jury in Vienna in March 2020.

Who will win 2020? The winner of the Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2019 came from Canada.


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