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watchaSKOOL is a new form of career orientation at schools in the GSA-region. Within the framework of an interactive inspirational talk, the broad range of career opportunities is shown, together with the activities involved and how to embark on these careers. It aims to show young people that there are no boundaries and that they should believe in themselves and follow their own chosen path. Since 2014 more than 130.000 young people could be reached this way. Since 2016, the Umdasch Group Foundation is as main partner on board.

Teach for Austria

Teach for Austria

As a member of the global Teach For All network, this initiative promotes equality of opportunity regardless of the income and status of the parents. Young, talented executives – known as Fellows – are recruited, specially trained by the organisation and then sent to schools, where they provide in-depth and individual tuition. This is an idea which the Umdasch Group Foundation has been supporting for the past four years, not only as sponsor partner, but also by means of active cooperation.

Umdasch Sommerwochen

Umdasch Summer Weeks

Within the framework of the work with and for Teach For Austria, the practical training period of these young temporary teachers – known as Fellows – takes place in Amstetten. Some 150 children are “acquired” for the project and the Fellows spend two weeks learning, experimenting and working creatively with them.

Lernen macht Schule

Lernen macht Schule

Selected students from the University of Economics and Business in Vienna help children and young people from socially disadvantaged population groups as “Learning Pals”. In addition to classic learning for tests and homework, the programme also includes shared leisure activities. A nice idea which offers children a new perspective.

Big Brother Big Sister

Big Brothers
Big Sisters

The programme is geared toward 1:1 mentoring of children who face challenging life situations. In so called “tandems” children and young people are accompanied by a mentor who helps with school work, discusses things or helps to use leisure time profitably, according to what is most needed.

Packages for start at school

Packages for start at school

The help organisation CARE assists refugee families in Austria when children start school by providing them with starting packages, because starting school is expensive and represents a huge challenge for the families. The Umdasch Group Foundation also supports this campaign.

Mentoring project SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages

When they become teenagers, SOS children leave their SOS families and move into the youth homes of the SOS children's village. A special mentoring project was started 2017 with Doka Lebanon to help these youngsters take the next step toward independent living. Doka employees assisted, met regularly with their charges and undertook joint activities to give them insights into everyday working life and act as mentors to help get their education and careers off the ground. This pilot project was developed entirely by the Umdasch Group Foundation and SOS Children's Villages.

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Rewa Buddhist Model Primary School

Rewa Buddhist Model Primary School

The girls’ school in the heart of the Himalaya is an initiative of the Lower Austria Tibetan Aid Organisation. The school lies at an altitude of 4,000 metres and provides Tibetan girls from poor background access to primary education. 2017 the school was expanded further to a secondary school, The construction was being partly financed by the Umdasch Group Foundation. It wis now the first secondary school in the region and an important contribution to equal opportunity.

Fahari Foundation

Fahari Foundation

The Fahari Foundation provides a safe environment for orphans and children from disadvantaged background and accompanies them in their education. The Fahari Foundation Center, in Mtwapa Kenya, currently has around 50 children. As partner, the Umdasch Group Foundation supports the school education for the children to facilitate a better future.

Fußballschule Sao Paulo

School of football
São Paulo

With sport-oriented and socially aware commitment, the 'Escola de Futebol Mathias' school of football helps children from the poorest of economic backgrounds. Sport and education combined help create perspectives for a better future. Doka Brazil is a partner of the initiative, supporting children from the immediate neighbourhood.

Oaza Studio

Oaza Studio

The not-for-profit organisation in Prague – was founded with the aim of helping young people with mental disabilities by revealing their talents and thereby supporting their social and professional integration. Doka Česká is a partner of the organisation. Staff members help where help is needed – for example, in the organisation of courses and events.



In Auroville, an experimental city project in southern India, local people, irrespective of caste, have the opportunity of gaining qualifications in the music sector, carpentry and metalworking and then going on to find employment, thanks to the Svaram project. Musical instruments are crafted in the on-campus workshops. By giving its support to the project, the Umdasch Group Foundation has helped make its success possible.

Vocational school

A vocational school for South Sudan

The organisation “Helfen wir!” (Let’s Help!) is currently building an agricultural college in Jalimo. The aim is to help the people to help themselves through sound training, and also to improve the quality of life of the local population. Doka is supporting the project with formwork solutions.

Rotas Rumänien

Rotas Romania

Tunari is a village nearby Bucharest, where Doka Romania HQ is located. Some of the inhabitants live there that lack the basic necessities of life: running water, hot meal, clean clothing. Education helps: With this approach the Romanian aid organisation ROTAS offers them a way out of poverty. The NGO provides schoolchildren with clothing, meals and extra tuition. In future it will be assisted by employees of Doka Romania, who will support ROTAS as volunteers – for example as coaches.

Alphary FeeBu

English App

Classroom 4.0. In order to arouse the interest of young people in learning English, the Umdasch Foundation supports the English app “FeeBu”. Pupils at selected technical colleges in Austria can use the app free of charge during and outside lessons in order to improve their vocabulary with their mobile phones. It is an important contribution to professional development – after all, nowadays a good knowledge of English is a valuable qualification on the job market.