Education and training

Personal development, career advancement

Umdasch Academy

Constantly developing qualifications and strengths is a big part of personnel development. Yearly, some 2500 employees from all over the world make use of the widely diversified range of training and development courses offered by the Umdasch Group.

Talent management

In this process, outstanding employees with career ambitions are identified as talents. Each talent is both challenged and at the same time encouraged by an individually tailored development plan. The route fast-tracks the best of the best to leading positions. Worldwide.

Leadership maturity program

This program assists the further development of leaders and managers. The aim is to develop the competences necessary for dealing successfully with the challenges of a complex working environment. The areas covered include teamwork, international collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, decisiveness, a positive feedback culture, and trust.

Social aspects



For a company to be successful, the people who work for it must enjoy good health and vitality.The VITAL initiative is a comprehensive fitness and health programme covering nutrition, motion and psyche.

umdasch  nest

Childcare –
Umdasch Nest

The Umdasch Group is fully aware of just how important it is to reconcile career and family life. For this reason, a childcare facility for youngsters not old enough for kindergarten has been established at the Amstetten site since January 2016.


Umdasch canteen – a place to “eat & meet”

The canteen in Amstetten offers a selection of four different main courses, as well as a salad buffet and desserts. At the “eat & meet” canteen meals can be purchased at reduced prices.


New way of working in the Doka Lab

Activity-based working means having the leeway to choose a different workplace, depending on exactly what has to be done. The aim is to encourage exchange and also to develop innovative spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset. In Amstetten, this brings Marketing and Product Management together, working in a 700 m² open-plan office.

Fundacion Social Chile

Fundación Social Chile

The Chilean organisation provides help and support in the administration of personal family budgets: an initiative designed to counter the high personal debt of the Chilean population. Doka Chile supports the project and makes it available to all its staff free of charge.


Shuttle buses

We have more than 60 small buses that get employees to and from the plant every day for a small fee.

WGU Logo

Umdasch factory community – WGU

The Werksgemeinschaft Umdasch, WGU for short, is a factory community organisation with separate sections dedicated to16 different sporting and cultural activities. Founded back in 1963, the club has been helping employees and the members of their families, and retirees from the Umdasch Group ever since.

was wir sonst noch bieten

What else do we offer…

  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Occupational healthcare
  3. Supplementary insurance coverage
  4. Health and safety service for business trips
  5. Low-cost residential accommodation close to the Amstetten plant