The most impressive projects 2019 at a glance

Due to Corona, the Annual Report has been replaced by a Project Book this year

26.08.2020 | Corona has left behind a trail of social but also economic desaster over the last few months. In March of this year the virus also reached the Umdasch Group.

This has changed the way we work, but also our work overnight. Including the work on the planned Annual Report 2019. This year, instead of a collection of figures, we are therefore presenting a collection of the most outstanding projects. Instead of the strategic annual reporting, this year we are reporting through the operational daily business glasses. Instead of the usual impressive book, this year we provide an online file.

You see: Corona changes the way we express ourselves. But not our corporate culture.
The Project Book pays tribute to the work of our employees worldwide. It says Thank You for the work of the previous year and should encourage them for the time after the crisis.

Next year we will report in the usual extent and scope. Then there will be the second edition of our Integrated Annual Report, which we started last year. The economic effects of the Corona pandemic will certainly continue to concern us, perhaps even more intensively than before. And that is precisely why we are looking forward to viewing it from a sustainability perspective.

With a siginficant part of the budget earmarked for production of our Annual Report 2019, the Umdasch Group Foundation has supported the Caritas Lerncafes, which helps children in the Corona crises to fulfil their learning goals at home and thus do justice to their opportunity for education.


Evi Roseneder

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