Creating affordable housing

Umdasch Group supports Habitat for Humanity

29.06.2023 | The Umdasch Group, consisting of the three divisions Doka, umdasch The Store Makers and Umdasch Group Ventures, is expanding its social commitment and launching one of its largest support projects to date: In cooperation with the non-profit organisation Habitat for Humanity, the group of companies will in future create affordable housing for people in the USA.

With a total of 11 branches, the Umdasch Group division Doka has a particularly strong presence in the USA and plans to further expand this strategic focus market in the future. This provides an excellent basis for sustainable social commitment in the region.

Wolfgang Litzlbauer, CEO of the Umdasch Group, confirms: "By supporting Habitat in the USA, we can closely dovetail our social commitment with our corporate strategy and thus achieve the greatest possible impact with our available means and resources.”

A strong pillar for sustainable aid
Over the next few years, the Umdasch Group will be working with the global housing organisation to build homes in the USA and help ensure that more people have access to a safe, decent and affordable home in the future. The Umdasch Group is not only supporting the construction of the houses, but Doka employees will also be making an important contribution to their construction through various volunteering projects. One example is this year's participation in Habitat for Humanity's Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.

"We are grateful for engaged partners such as Umdasch Group, promoting innovative solutions to make construction processes more transparent and sustainable, and helping Habitat build a world where everyone has a decent place to live,” said Rick Hathaway, Vice President for Europe and the Middle East at Habitat for Humanity International.

This latest support project with Habitat for Humanity also reflects the Umdasch Group's mission "We create spaces". While Doka meets the spatial needs of a growing population – be it in the form of living, working and leisure spaces or in the areas of infrastructure and energy – umdasch The Store Makers creates experiential spaces through the design of shop interiors. And Umdasch Group Ventures creates space for innovation through new technologies in construction and retail.

Umdasch Group promotes social commitment
For many years, the Umdasch Group has assumed social responsibility and made a positive contribution to society. It pays particular attention to education and training projects in its companies in order to promote talents and gifts. In addition to educational initiatives aimed specifically at socially disadvantaged children and young people, the Umdasch Group also supports promising research projects through the annual Josef Umdasch Research Prize and cooperation with renowned educational and research institutions.


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